Doug Rice


Doug - Guitar
Photo courtesy of Firefly Blu Photography
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Here's a sampling of some of my original fingerstyle compositions and arrangements...

(All songs above, except "Holy, Holy, Holy" and "Joy To The World", copyright 1985-2006 by Doug Rice. All rights reserved.)


I also perform a large repertoire of contemporary Jazz, funk, blues, and standards. Here are some examples...

The Calypsonian Bandits ride again!

NBC Right Now, KNDU/KNDO, Tri-Cities/Yakima

And now for something a little different...

This is a video of an acoustic version of Frankenstein ("Frankenstein Unplugged") that my buddies, Scott Campbell (guitar), Robert Miguel (guitar), Walt Hampton (percussion), and I performed at a concert in May 2010. Fun stuff!


Please keep checking back for information on new releases and projects.